Working Group Meeting - As Mating Disruption Gains Ground

Baselga di Piné, Trentino, September 26-30, 2004

Claudio Ioriatti
Peter Witzgall



Claudio Ioriatti
Istituto Agrario di S. Michele all'Adige (IASMA), Italy


Insect control by pheromones has become a reality. Mating disruption, by aerial dissemi- nation of synthetic sex pheromone, is used on 50.000 ha of European orchards and vine- yards. This surface may grow, in view of increasing problems associated with the use of conventional insecticides. However, a more widespread use of pheromones also requires more reliable and more economic application techniques.

Four decades of pheromone research have laid the ground for practical applications. The tools and our knowledge could still be improved, but fewer human and financial resources are available for future work on mating disruption, as researchers in Chemical Ecology are turning towards new frontiers.

The goal of our Working Group Meetings is to stimulate further development by enhancing communication and collaboration between the academic circuit, extension services and plant protection industry. Same old story?

Meeting Place

This story is fresh and exciting, as exemplified by the meeting place. The key to success- ful area-wide pheromone applications in Northern Italy is a tight coordination of research, extension and industry. Plus a zest for innovation and progress. The vinery shown on top of this page uses pheromones for control of grapevine moths. The aperitif will be offered by the pheromone group. See you there!

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