IOBC wprs Working Group Meeting - Chemical Ecology

Meeting Programme - 2-9-15

Sicily, September 22-27, 2002

Mating disruption
Insect semiochemicals / Other control applications
Plant volatiles as insect attractants
Plant defense

The duration and the number of talks is limited, to leave sufficient time for discussion and to avoid parallel sessions.
Ample time will be allocated for poster sessions.
We are obliged to ask many potential speakers to prepare a poster instead of an oral communication. Thank you for your understanding.

SUNDAY, September 22 - Arrival

16.00 Registration and mixer (Villa S. Giovanni)
17.00 Poster Session (Chiesa S. Orsola)
19.00 Registration and mixer (Villa S. Giovanni)
21.00 Welcome party, wine and food tasting (Parvis of S. Giovanni) (Cantine Settesoli)

MONDAY, September 23

08.45 Opening (Auditorium S. Giovanni)

Mating disruption (Auditorium S. Giovanni)

09.00 Kinya Ogawa - Topics on mating disruption
09.30 Mauro Varner - Mating disruption of Lobesia botrana and Eupoecilia ambiguella
09.45 Jay Brunner - Area-wide mating disruption of codling moth
10.00 Discussion

10.15 Coffee (Parvis of S. Giovanni)

10.30 Poster - Mating disruption (Chiesa S. Orsola)

Ahmet Altindisli - Absorption of Lobesia botrana pheromone on grape leaves
Ozlem Altindisli - Mating disruption against Lobesia botrana in Turkey
Altndisli A, Ertas H, Özlem Altndisli F - A preliminary study on the simulation model for determining the absorption of pheromone of Lobesia botrana by grape leaves [full paper]
Gino Angeli - Control of Cydia pomonella by false trail following
Giacomo Bacchi - Mating disruption of Lobesia botrana
Josu Clemente - Mating disruption of codling moth
Thomas Degen - Control of moths in vineyards
Frederique de Lame - Pheromone dispenser for disruption of Oriental fruit moth

Uwe Koch - Supervision of dispenser performance
Orkun Kovanci - Mating disruption of Oriental fruit moth
Christer Lofstedt - Control of stored product moths
Löfstedt C, Ekeberg M, Johnson K, Jirle E, Olsson C, Ryne C, Skals N, Svensson G, Anderbrant O - Pheromones and kairomones for control of stored product moths [poster]
Mohammed Mansour - Codling moth control and population monitoring
Luisa Mattedi - Mating disruption of Lobesia botrana
Fabio Molinari - Mating disruption of Anarsia lineatella
Cam Oehlschlager - Management of banana weevil by mass trapping

Douglas Pfeiffer - Pheromones in vineyards
Sridhar Polavarapu - Disruption of sexual communication in oriental beetle
Asya Ter-Hovhannesyan - Autosterilaztion of codling moth
Karen Underwood - Potential applications of Exosect auto-confusion

12.00 Lunch (Villa S. Giovanni)

13.30 Larry Gut - Reduced susceptibility to mating disruption
13.45 Mitch Trimble - Modification of the sex-pheromone comunication system
14.00 Wendell Roelofs - New hypothesis for pheromone evolution
14.15 Discussion (incl. posters)

14.45 Coffee (Parvis of S. Giovanni)

15.15 Ally Harari - Mating disruption in vineyards
15.30 Jack Jenkins - Mating disruption of pink bollworm

15.45 Philip Howse - Electrostatically chargeable powders
16.00 Discussion

16.15 Break (Parvis of S. Giovanni)

16.30 Franco Rama - New pheromone dispenser
Rama F, Reggiori F, Pratizzoli W - Timed mating disruption: a new pheromone-dispensing device for the protection of orchards from Cydia pomonella, C. molesta and leafrollers [full paper]
16.45 David Epstein - Sprayable pheromone formulation
17.00 Thomas Baker - MSTRS dispenser
17.15 Ring Cardé - Orientation and its disruption
17.30 Discussion

18.00 Wine and food tasting (Parvis of S. Giovanni)
(Fazio Wines, Antica Macelleria F.lli Amato)

21.00 Un-organized stroll around town incl. discovery of piano bar


TUESDAY, September 24

08.00 Tour for accompanying persons

Insect semiochemicals / Other control applications (Auditorium S. Giovanni)

09.00 Stefania Ramirez - Pheromone of Oleander scale
09.30 Zvi Mendel - Matsucoccus josephi sex pheromone
09.45 José Franco - Sex pheromone for management of citrus mealybug
10.00 Jocelyn Millar - Development of vine mealybug sex pheromone for IPM
10.15 Discussion

10.30 Coffee and organic almond drink (Parvis of S. Giovanni)
(Valdibella, Azienda agricola)

11.00 Lidia Sukovata - "Attract and kill" of pine shoot moth
11.15 Alan Cork - Mass trapping of fruit and shoot borer
11.30 Jeremy Cross - Sex/aggregation pheromone of strawberry blossom weevil
11.45 Discussion

12.00 Lunch (Villa S. Giovanni)

13.30 Poster - Insect Semiochemicals (Chiesa S. Orsola)

Elsa Borges da Silva - Mass trapping of citrus flower moth?
Manuela Branco - Sex pheromone of maritime pine bast scale
Eric Conti - Egg parasitoids of Sesamia nonagrioides
Lily Falach - Maladera matrida response to female chemicals

Alessandro Fucarino - Aggregation of stink bugs
Oktay Gurkan - Integrated control of Rhagoletis cerasi
Ylva Hillbur - Gall midge pheromones
Matti Huotari - Insect olfactory receptor neurons

Nunzio Isidoro - Male antennal glands in social Hymenoptera
Lina Kristoffersen - Role of odours in carrot psyllid behaviour

Christa Lethmayer - Pheromone-based control of C. ohridella
Paolo Lo Bue - Kairomone from Coccus hesperidium
Vicente Navarro-Llopis - Autosterilization of medfly
Ezio Peri - Oleander scale sex pheromone
David Roden - Gypsy moth larval pheromone
Gianandrea Salerno - Sesamia and Trichogramma
Angelica Sole - Cuticular hydrocarbons in Nezara viridula

Gabor Szocs - Monitoring of Cameraria
Asya Ter-Hovhannesyan - Autosterilaztion of codling moth
Pasquale Trematerra - Coleoptera infesting a feed-mill

Edyta Trzaskowska - Sex pheromones in pyralid moths
Riccardo Tumminelli - Pheromones of Aonidiella aurantii
Anat Zada - Release of red palm weevil pheromone

Paulo Zarbin - Sex pheromone of Lonomia obliqua

15.00 Basilios Mazomenos - Sex pheromones of Sesamia nonagrioides
15.15 Giuseppe Rotundo - Sex pheromones of Sesamia nonagrioides and S. cretica
15.30 Olle Anderbrant - Improved pheromone blends for stored product moths
15.45 Discussion (incl. posters)

16.00 Coffee (Parvis of S. Giovanni)

16.30 Arnon Shani - Chemical comunication in Maladera matrida beetle
16.45 Pasquale Trematerra - Geostatistical analysis of Cydia funebrana
17.00 Barry Lyons - Pheromone of Diprion similis
17.15 Discussion

18.00 Wine and food tasting (Patio Auditorium S. Giovanni)
(Abbazia Santa Anastasia (L.E.N.A.), F.lli Fiasconaro, Produzione Dolciaria Artigianale)

21.00 Concert (Chiesa di S. Martino)


WEDNESDAY, September 25

08.00 Tour for accompanying persons

Plant volatiles as insect attractants (Auditorium S. Giovanni)

09.00 Douglas Light - Pear ester kairomone for codling moth
09.30 Claudio Ioriatti - Plant volatiles for codling moth monitoring
09.45 Benoît Sauphanor - Response to host plant volatile in codling moth
10.00 Miryan Coracini - Codling moth response to plant volatiles
10.15 Discussion

10.30 Coffee (Parvis of S. Giovanni)

11.00 Blanka Kalinova - Volatile componds from Aesculus
11.15 Anna-Carin Backman - Apple fruit moth resposne to plant volatiles
11.30 Gunnhild Jaastad - Attraction of apple fruit moth to plant volatiles
11.45 Discussion

12.00 Lunch (Villa S. Giovanni)

14.00 Poster - Plant volatiles (Chiesa S. Orsola)

Lena Ansebo - Codling moth response to plant volatiles
Shaul Ben Yehuda - Host colonization of bark beetles
Victor Casana-Giner - Structure-activity-relationships of medfly attractants
Antonio De Cristofaro - Activity of heptanal on Phthorimaea operculella oviposition behaviour
Electrophysiological responses of codling moth populations
Wolfgang Harand - Antifeedants against codling moth
First results of behavioural studies on the attraction of Cameraria ohridella to host plant kairomones

Paul Innocenzi - Apple blossom weevil, Anthonomus pomorum
Elisabeth Koschier - Host selection of thrips pests
Mirella Lo Pinto - Olfactory response of aphid parasitoids
Velemir Ninkovic - Plant-plant communication

Christian Olsson - Food odours for control of Ephestia cautella and Plodia interpunctella
Marco Tasin - Dose-effect response of DA2313 on codling moth, Cydia pomonella
Richard Trudel - Pheromones and semiochemicals in seed orchards

15.00 Vladimir Pletnev - Volatiles released by spruce bark beetle
15.15 Gary Grant - Response of spruce budworm to host volatiles
15.30 Fredrik Schlyter - Non-host volatiles and antifeedants in forest beetles
16.00 Discussion (incl. posters)

16.30 Coffee (Parvis of S. Giovanni)

17.00 Iain Weatherston - Plant volatiles: regulatory aspects
17.15 Discussion

18.00 Wine and food tasting (Parvis of S. Giovanni) (Cantine Florio)


THURSDAY, September 24

Plant defense (Auditorium S. Giovanni)

09.00 Jan Pettersson - Plant/plant interaction
09.20 Robert Glinwood - Weed-barley allelopathy affects aphid plant selection

09.40 Consuelo De Moraes - Chemical communication in tritrophic interactions
10.00 Discussion

10.15 Coffee (Parvis of S. Giovanni)

10.45 Lisbeth Jonsson - Pathogenesis-related proteins
11.05 Dawn Luthe - Insect defense signaling pathways in maize
11.25 Gary Felton - Secretion of salivary proteins
11.45 Discussion

12.00 Ales Svatos - Pheromone synthesis by plants

12.15 Lunch (Villa S. Giovanni)

13.30 Round table discussion (Auditorium S. Giovanni)

15.00 Excursion to Isola di Mozia

21.00 Social dinner (Hotel Belvedere, Erice) incl. Sicilian folk music and wine tasting (Vini Alagna)


FRIDAY, September 27